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1 hand handstand

I have been teaching dance classes professionally since 2005 to both regular & special education classes.  In 2011 many of my classes were discontinued due to budget cuts in California so I started posting dance tutorials on Youtube as an alternative way for my students to learn. With in a couple of weeks I started getting emails from kids all over the world asking me questions about Breaking. This was the start of VincaniTV.  I started making dance videos and Breakdance tutorials(Breaking) from my point of view as a dance instructor. Today I still teach 15-20 classes a week in schools and use my dance videos as a way for kids to review the lessons they learn. My mission is to inspire, motivate and uplift the world through dance. 

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Vincanitv provides free dance tutorials for kids, teens and adults to learn how to street dance. Click here to get started today. 

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In addition to dance tutorials we also provide dance videos to help get you inspired to dance. Watch some of our dance videos.


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